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SWLA is Sportsman's Paradise!

Louisiana is known as sportsman's paradise.  Just check the license plates.  And Southwest Louisiana (SWLA) is truly paradise for those who appreciate beautiful landscapes loaded with fish and game as well as great culture and southern Louisiana cuisine.  SWLA Sportsman was created to bring these amazing features of SWLA to all who visit - to hunt, to fish, or to simply take-in this wonderful part of the outdoor world.

Our Thornwell hunting properties are carefully nurtured to attract and hold thousands of ducks and geese throughout their wintering stage.  And the Calcasieu Lake fishing lodge is located on a southwest facing point surrounded by families of oysters, which are visited frequently by reds, specs, and tasty flounders.


The game is always on.  All SWLA Sportsman facilities are designed to keep the action flowing even when the hunting or the fishing is done.  At the SportsBarn, there is always a screen in view for your favorite sports team.  You can even watch the game from the hot tub while enjoying a beverage.  If the amazing SWLA outdoors weren't enough, the local SWLA hospitality is always a special treat.

Please call April at 337-661-1163 to book your next visit to SWLA Sportsman's paradise.

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